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Our Tutors 

  Kathy- Reading, Writing, & Elementary-Level Math for kindergarten through 5th

  Credentials: Kathy is a retired Pacifica school Teacher who holds teaching credentials in regular and special education from SFSU and a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education also from SFSU. She has 30 years of classroom experience and has been tutoring since 2004. (in office tutoring only) 

  Mick- Elementary Math, Math Course 1-3, Algebra 1-4, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, SAT prep, Biology, HSPT, College Entrance Exams, Plumbing, Electrician, & Other Trade-School Exams

  Credentials: Mick is a retired high school mathematics teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience and 18 years of tutoring experience. (in office or online tutoring)

  Laurie-  Reading, Writing, & Elementary-Level Math for kindergarten through 5th

  Credentials: Laurie is a retired S.F. school teacher who holds a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, Resource Specialist Certification, and a Visually Handicapped Credential; all from SFSU. She has 30 years of teaching experience focussing on Special Education. She has been tutoring for many years, and has been subbing in grades k - 8th & special education in the Pacifica School District for the last four years. She enjoys playing word games with students and improving their visual perception skills, visual tracking and scanning skills, and fact finding. She enjoys helping all grade levels with short story writing, and High School students with essay writing, literature, social studies, history, and life science. (in office or online tutoring)

  Paige- Elementary Math, Math Course 1-3, Algebra 1-4, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus 1-3, Statistics

  Credentials: Paige graduated from U.N.D. in 2019 with a Masters in Mathematics. She instructed college level math classes for two years and has been tutoring for more than six years. She enjoys helping students fully comprehend all aspects of mathematics, and seeing the moment when a concept truly clicks.(in office or online tutoring)

  Jennifer- Reading and writing Kinder through 12th. Elementary math kinder through 5th. 

  Credentials: Jennifer is a credentialed teacher of the deaf with a masters in deaf education from SJSU, and has 20 years of teaching experience. She enjoys relating skills to real life and using word & language games to increase student comprehension and understanding. She enjoys helping students learn to summarize using context clues. She currently works with deaf students in mainstream classrooms. (online tutoring)

​  Kaylie- Elementary Math, Math Course 1-3, Algebra 1-4, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, Spanish 1-2

   Credentials: Kaylie is a highly intelligent hard working young lady who recently graduated from Mercy Burlingame. Kaylie has a passion for both math and science. Her strengths include problem solving, and attention to detail. (in office or online tutoring)

  Bob- Tutors 4th grade through College: Tutors Spanish, History, Reading, & Writing

  Credentials: Bob was a Spanish teacher at Riordan High School and has been teaching for many years. He holds Masters Degrees in both Spanish and History. 

​Contact Info:

text messages: 650-359-2612


phone: 650-359-2612